Best long ranger router?

Hi, I have 800mbps internet and a 1/2 acre lot, I'm looking for a single router that will give me the most Sq ft of coverage with a single unit. I don't want to mess with mesh networks. Budget is <500usd. Most importantly, something that's not a PITA to flash and has good openwrt compatibility. Thank you for your recommendations!

It is more about the antennas than the router.


Does the devices you're providing internet access to, have equally powerful antennas ?

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Get over it, you will need at least one AP outside and one AP inside. Even with perfectly circular property indoor AP leaks will not stretch to the borders.

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Could you give me some more info? What am I looking for in regards to antennas?

You need 1/ router and AP (single box) for inside 2/Poe injector (or unlikely included in (1) 3/Cat6 cable across home 4/Outdoor PoE accesspoint
Something like custom antenna setup or meshpoint on a lightning pole to feed whole garden is above your budget.

Is it a flat acre or rolling and how many obstacles on the land.
Like trees, sheds; anything that might block the signal?

Is it necessary for you to deliver your opinions in such a belligerent way?

Not true.

100m is hard to reach unless one lives in paper iglou....

Please draw a half acre of land with a 100m distance anywhere within the 1/2 acre.
I know there are such polygons but I'm wondering if you can draw one; you can even include shapes highly unlikely to be approved by zoning codes.

Im in place where street side has place for 1-2 cars and the tail back into block makes it like 10:1 rectangle

Please pardon the childish drawing made with my finger.
Anyway, it's relatively flat. The wifi is in one corner of the house and the problem I have currently is that it doesn't extend to the front porch(red x). It's not a big house either, we're talking like 100ft. I don't need it to cover every square inch of the lot, I'd be happy with like 80%. There's not alot of other options for placement unless I put it in the attic.

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We'll figure it out.

What model router do you have now?

And I got the impression you were trying to blanket the outside 1/2 acer.
No big deal but you just to get back on the same page; you want whole (or~80%) house coverage. Right?

How many floors and what is the interior, primarily, made of?
Wood, ceramic tiles?
Do you want wi-fi outside?

Is you car sitting on a carport with a detached garage? I'm having trouble making all that one building.