Best home router for OpenWrt

I'm currently running a Linksys WRT1200, actually happy with it, but decided to switch to a bigger device with 4 antennas and better wifi coverage. So the WRT3200ACM was my first choice, but now not sure after reading about all the wifi issues and also the missing WPA3 (which I didn't need yet).
There have been other threads about the WRT3200 being a good choice or not:
..I followed this one one month before and wanted to reply but then the thread was closed.

Alternatives so far are in that order of priority:
Netgear R7800
Linksys EA8500
NetGear R9000 (Nighthawk X10 AD7200)

About the R7800 there was said in the other thread, that the wired performance is questionable.

I need all the features:
Main Access Point for around 10 devices in the home, 2,4GHz and 5GHz, wired router for 1000base ethernet, VPN Gateway (lower bandwidth of about 100MBit for WAN) but not sure which type of VPN I'll run, maybe later running some network services like Webdav, NAS, ZNC...

The Netgear R7800 and the ZyXEL NBG6817 seem to be the best alternatives, if not choosing the WRT3200AM which is still not a bad decision in some cases. So if both the Netgear and the ZyXEL are based on the same QCA IPQ8065 design (SOC and QCA9984 wlan), what differences are there?

I definitely preferred the Linksys WRT???? series look and stackable casing over all the others, also being a strong casing for mobile use. But this only being a matter of taste, the functionality should be more important.

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