Best high end router that works with everything like linksys wrt (except wifi) and 1gb wan


does anyone knows the best high end router lik eNetgear R900 or R7800.
something like linksys wrt32x, i like linksys wrt, but the wifi is very bad.
but if any knows whan that is perfect like linksys but the wifi is perfect, please let me know.
i would like to use a stable 19.07 build....

i need/minimum good wifi (MI-MOMU), usb 3 - ext root, at least dual core, 512MB ram and 1gb wan and lan

That alone probably indicates that you should look at an x86 based wired-only primary router and add an AP for the wireless...

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i guess i stick to linksys wrt. the wifi 5ghz works 866.7 mbit.the rest is top notch. 1 gb wan is awesome.

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