"best" hardware for OpenWrt and travelmate?

I am using the tp-link travel router since a couple of years, but as WLAN gets faster and faster, it is too slow for my purposes.

I absolutely love this device, but could not find any similar replacement. So I thought I might do this on my own with OpenWrt. My use case is: The "device" connects" to a WLAN hotspot, and I connect with WLAN to this device, having my own private network, and to the HOST Wlan it is shown as one device. (LAN Network cable swith would be also great to have)

I think it can be done with OpenWRT and travelmate. I also got a AC3L WLAN USB dongle, but I have no clue of how to get it to run. I was hoping it is using standard kernel driver, but my raspberry is not finding anything.

So my question: Is the raspberry idea a good one? Does anyone have a better hardware idea for me, that supports faster WLAN with a WLAN hotspot?

Is there a successor to "my" tl-wr902ac that has faster WLAN? At the moment I digged around, but with no real luck in any direction. Any pointer highly apprechiated.

Many thanks for reading.


From a technical point of view, a tri-radio device with the third radio being a dual-band one (this is rarely the case, tri-radio usually split the 5 GHz band in half - might be fine, as long as you to-be-repeated signal is 5 GHz, but that's not always the case) would be ideal, e.g. an ipq4019 device. While totally unsuitable for this task, due to its size and 1x1 rf chains of the IoT radio, the ax3600/ ax9000 would be almost ideal, as one of its radios (the IoT 'third' radio is dual-band QCA9889 1x1 802.11ac Wave 2, which would be a nice uplink radio (if it had more rf chains/ were also 802.11ax, just talking about the idea, not the particular implementation)).

The RPi4 is a fast wired router, but its wireless side is slow, low-range and offers few features (most importantly, it doesn't support concurrent AP-STA operations necessary for repeating at all) - and USB isn't a solution either --> Making RBpi 3B as Wi-Fi 6 router for home - #2 by slh.

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An Asus Lyra AC2200 node could be a good candidate, assuming the
clients don't mind connecting to the second, channel 100-140 5GHz radio.

(the low band 5GHz would usually be the uplink)

Yes, I was thinking about something like the map-ac2200 (I'm using one as stationary repeater) as well (1*2.4 GHz, 2*5 GHz, with one 5 GHz radio covering ch36-64 and the other the channels above ch100) - but that's the typical 'problem' for this use case (the third radio basically never covers the whole frequency bands from 2.4 GHz to the full 5 GHz band). While not exactly tiny, nor light, the map-ac2200 is still compact (small/ light PSU as well) and robust, albeit at the upper end of what might be reasonably abused as travel router, with rather good performance and features.

Hi alltogether,
many thanks for the suggestions. The Asus Lyra seems to be quite "big". Formfactor of my "beloved AC750" is about 8x8x3cm and can be used with a power bank.
I fount "GL.iNet GL-AR750S-Ext" and will tell you if this is a step in the directtion I would recommend. I was hoping to find supported USB WLAN dongles for my raspberry pi, but it seems there are not really satisfying solutions.

And what are your experiences with the GL.iNet GL-AR750S-Ext?