Best Hardware for an urban 802.11s mesh connection over ~ 100ft or 30m?

I currently have a 802.11s mesh setup successfully between a ath79 gl.inet slate and a tp-link archerc7v2 using current OpenWRT snapshots. The connection is fairly slow, but probably the best that can be achieved given that hardware.

Since 802.11 6E hardware isn't available yet, I'm thinking it might make sense to just use more recently released currently available hardware to see if I can improve connection speeds.

Have any of you used the DL-WRX36 in a mesh environment? Would two of those be a good idea? I see some recommendations for using the RT3200 too from several years ago too.

I've used the DL-WRX36 as an AP and its range was not as good as an RT3200. For longer range mesh, I would go with the RT3200 between those two choices. The DL-WRX36 is a bit tricky to flash with OpenWrt too.

You might try just replacing your slate first. If the travel router is the weakest link in your Wifi mesh, replacing it alone may be enough to get the performance you need. If that doesn't help enough, you've lost nothing by trying before buying a second new unit.

Thanks for the feedback!