Best Gbps router for home under 100 Eur

I am throwing my brand new TL-1043ND v4 away, because that's what it deservs... Putting my 1Bbps subscription to under 1Mbps speeds... that is ridiculous. Please advise something with reasonable wireless but 1Gigabit LAN

Out of curiosity, did you try the build with fast path enabled?? You should be getting close to line speeds.

If You just told me earlier.... jk.
How do I enable that ?

Try is one:

And read the complete story here:

I suppose I need OpenWRT or LEDE Firmware install or something for this to work ?
Again, I am terrible at understanding, i downloaded the .bin tried "Restore" and "Upgrade" both unsuccessfull.

Error code: 18001
Upgrade unsuccessfully because the length of the upgraded file is incorrect. Please check the file name.

Please guide me more.

That really gets off topic, but from the original firmware you need to use the *factory .bin file. Please read the wiki/documentation on flashing LEDE.

Ebay a BT Home Hub 5 Type A

One question. Will flashing void the warranty ?

Please, ask your router vendor.

weedy, a BT Home Hub 5 type A to be used as router for a 1 GBit/s WAN connection... really...? Especially considering that lantiq's unique selling point (a LEDE supported!) ADSL/ VDSL modem is utterly useless for this case, as there is no VDSL standard promising 1 GBit/s yet, so quite obviously his WAN needs a different technology instead (fibre or -much less likely- wired ethernet).

Using ethernet port i receive a whopping speed of d:900+ / u:700+ Mbps since cable only goes >30m from ISP distribution server.

See my config HELP topic

Still going to throw it away :wink:

Now you need to spend more than 100 to upgrade all your wifi devices to actually be able to use that speed.

I assume you flashed the version I recommend above. All credit goes to @gwlim and any feature requests should be directed to him. See the other post I referred you to about fast-path.