Best Gaming Router recommendation

I want to buy an OpenWRT compatible router with good gaming performance.
Mobile devices and a laptop require WiFi, but not necessarily high-performance - important devices will be connected via Ethernet.
Download speed 0 30 Mbps and 3 Mbps upload.
I want to set a good square foot so that my room doesn't affect my gaming when watching Netflix. Which router would you recommend me? [:palms_up_together:]

0.30, 30 or 300 ?

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Sorry, I wrote wrong. Sorry! It will be 300.

If by gaming, you mean optimized routing (SQM ?), not only tons of LEDs, I'd got for the RT3200 / E8450.


What kind of internet plan is this? I mean is this a joke 300 Mbps down and only 3 Mbps up??

The most asymmetrical plan I've ever heard. Where do you live?