Best connection to sstp client

OpenWRT setup n00b here:

HW setup: Rasp pi with USB dongle.
Configuration setup:
Rasp pi wireless connection connected to my office wifi

I have an interface defined (correctly, thanks to this community) that is setup as a sstp-client. It connects to the VPN server it needs to and is getting a correctly assigned IP from the VPN server.

My goal is to offer this connection to a wifi network on the dongle. (currently, the dongle is set on the LAN, so connecting to it gets an IP from the pi and connects back to the wwan which is my office wifi.)

What is the best way to do this type of connection? The sstp-client has the IP address of the network I want to connect to. Do I route this connection to the wifi to any connecting device, or do I create a new interface with DHCP, creating basically a second router path and the IP that is set on the pi from the gateway. (Basically making this an AP for the network I VPN into?)

This seems like an approach, but Im out of my wheel house.

  • Alter 192.x.x.0/25 IP range below to your WiFi network
  • Alter vpn to your VPN interface
  • Place VPN interface in a Firewall Zone where Masquerade is enabled

Thanks for the solution @lleachii ! However, I am very out of my depth here. I looked over what you have, but am unsure - really - to know where to start/go/etc. I apologize. If you have the time, can you please provide more step by step approach?