Best bandwidth wireless point to point link

i want to establish a link betwin 2 openwrt wireless nodes ,
these nodes have 2 radio/band each
will put tx signal in 1band/channel /frequency rx in the other .
what are my options ?
have any one allready tried this?
how it went ?
how will network and wireless files will lock?
what are the best ways to get maximum throughput ?and how?

I don't think you can create a one way wireless connection, twice.

why ? 802.11 or rfc limitations ?
can you elaborate ?

You want a WDS or Mesh network??

most important is that stays one to one ,not one to many.
ap sta or mesh does it mater ?

You want to setup a Point to Point link with maximum bandwidth?
Rest of your devices will be connected via ethernet or using second radio?

yes,thats the idea.
how to split rx tx among 2 different channel/radio ?

What hardware you have?

i have x86,with 2 pcie ath10k qca9880 ac first gen 3x3.

Changing the metric on the interfaces you can influence the preferred interface. Just pay attention to the firewall, as asymmetric routing can lead to invalid packets.

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your are talking about protocol, routing and like ?
i want to mimic full duplex.
combine 2 interfaces each one in different frequency,
one as input two as output =no interferenes =incresed quality link.