Bell Giga hub, in Canada, wired to openwrt router No Internet

I recently, 3 weeks ago, bought a new router and installed the latest OpenWrt V23. It was a new firmware to me, I used DDWRT for years.
The 1st week was fine I was connected to a Bell Giga Hub running 1.5 Gig internet, my neighbours internet connected by a Cat 5 outdoor rated cable. He and I shared our internet for 5 plus years with no problems, even his Fibre connection worked flawlessly for over a year.
Now his modem can see my computers and connected devices that I have on my router but I can not manage to get a internet connection.
I think that Bell Canada Pushed out a firmware update that messed things up. I am of the mind that,(K.I.S.S) Keep It Simple Stupid, is always best but Bell Canada doesn't. Before I start going nuclear and Factory Reset the modem I wanted to hear if anyone else has experienced this problem and found a simple configuration that I can duplicate to bring back my stable internet connection.
Right now I amusing a WIFI extender to connect us but the speeds are unbearable. I might as well be using Dial Up!

So for clarification I have a Netgear Nighthawk R7200 with OpenWrt version 23. This router is connected to a Bell Giga Hub Firmware version:1.16.5.
I'm not a newbie, I've worked in the field of networking for years before I retired and now after several years of retirement I'm losing touch with the new software and the best way to configure it all.

YouTube has a lot of videos discussing OpenWrt and much of it's basic configurations but too many of them are 2-5-7 years old. When I try to look for my specific problem I seem to only find reviews of the Bell Internet itself.

I'm seeing mention of using PPPOE or DMZ's as a method to get my internet back. Can I get some feedback please. I'm nearly 70 years young and would love to get some help from the younger generation who are still working in the networking fields.

Thank you all

Shouldn't your neighbor's device only see your router?

Can you explain how you desire to connect and setup your device via the outdoor cable running to your OpenWrt?

  • Was your old device configured this way?
  • Can you offer more details of the how you setup the previous device?

My neighbor is the one who has the Fibre internet modem. I left his modem/router controlling the DHCP traffic. Before the internet connection problems I just disabled my routers DHCP function and his modem/router handled it all. I am trying to Bridge our connection basically turning my router into an Access point/switch. I also should mention that he and I share a Media server which works best on our local network. It's called Emby, it worked for years before and I have a couple of other people who connect remotely when the internet works.
I was thinking about switching the DHCP control to my router rather than his. The biggest pain is that he is not home much, due to work and I don't want to brick anythink that I can't reach.
So to simplify things I want to bridge our connections and stay on the same local network but do it through Cat 5 cable not wifi, the wifi is too weak to bridge..
Right now I have a static connection on my PC. On my router I have configured a static connection which I have tried to bridge to the neighbors Fibre modem/router. The Fibre modem is the 4000 series. His device handles the DHCP he can see my wired and wireless device's..
I'm not sure if I have inadvertently setup a bad firewall configuration. I actually tried to disable it on my router, again trying to let the modem/router next door do the work.

The first step of troubleshooting would be to disconnect your router etc at your end then plug the cable from your neighbor's house directly into a single PC. Make sure it can get a DHCP address and access the Internet. There may be a problem with the physical cable. Check that the Ethernet link speed is as fast as it should be.

If you want a single LAN with your neighbor, then his equipment should continue to do all the DHCP and routing. Your side is only an Ethernet switch and dumb AP.


Plugging the ethernet cable directly into my laptop was the first thing I did when I couldn't get any internet connection. And yes I tried both a static IP on my laptop as well as allowing it to automatically obtain its own IP. His equipment sees my router and all wired devices connected to my router.

mk24 Know-it-All , I see why you have this name!! If you would have read more closely you would have seen that I had our setup exactly the way you said and the problem is not so much how to set up our network but why, even though it has been 5 to 6 years running properly, it now over night stopped working.
Has Bell Canada, the Fibre internet provider, pushed a firmware update that messed things up? Alternatively is there another method to try to once again get my internet back.

And before " mk24 Know-it-All " asks, I did reboot my router and his. I also did a continuity check with my network cable tester and things were 100% fine.

Was the laptop plugged directly into the cable able to access the Internet? Sounds like was not which means your router isn't the issue but some configuration on the Bell Giga hub or his network is.

The Bell hubs do have access controls with settings for what can access the Internet and when. Did you piss off your neighbor (or the neighbour's kids) recently? It might be set to only allow certain devices to access the Internet which doesn't include yours.

Then you need to troubleshoot with them. We wouldn't know what changed on the Bell Canada device.

If your statements are accurate, I'm not sure why you would ask OpenWrt - mk24 was offering advice about OpenWrt (i.e. this is the OpenWrt forum). It seems you've identified an issue with non-OpenWrt equipment.

Personally, it still wasn't clear from the response if this worked or not - but I fear the OP might tell you that you need to read more closely. If it doesn't work, this seems to be evidence that it could be an issue with the non-OpenWrt equipment (i.e. the Bell Canada device).

This is more likely given the OP uses the OpenWrt as a switch and not as a router.

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For the record, these are the instructions to set you router up as a dumb AP/switch.

But if your laptop connected directly to the cable is not working then of course that does not help.


A sidenote to the dumb/ap configuration. The goal is to disable dhcp on the openwrt router and get the other router to handle the addresses. One issue with the current errorneous setup might be, that the router gives different subnet address than the neighbor`s router does.

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