Belkin rt3200 ubi kernel 6.1 build

Hi guys, i have created a build for the Belkin RT3200 UBI that offers default functionality plus bridger and irqbalance for my personal use and some enhancements like kernel 6.1 and gcc 13 as compiler.

MUST NOTE: Belkin RT3200, this is a UBI image. You will first need to switch your router over to using UBI.

KEEP IN MIND: I do not intend to provide additional packages build. If there are some bugs I will try to resolve them. This build run good on my personal router but i use it as dumb ap. Tested in router mode and dumb ap mode.

The build is based on the master branch.
Current version: openwrt-snapshot-r24069+19-954142f477

Download link:

I try to keep the build updated once a month

Build with kernel 6.1 and GCC 13 with graphite support
Build with Bridger and irqbalance as default package