Belkin RT3200 non-ubi snapshot with Luci included?

I wanted to switch over to something that was bit more future proof that ran openwrt so I picked up a Belkin RT3200 AX. However, only snapshot builds are available and from what I've read, they do not include Luci. Is it possible to get a NON-UBI snapshot with Luci included? I will be using this device in Wireless Client mode connecting to an existing wireless network and without Luci, it looks like it would be very hard to configure the snapshot to connect to the wireless network in order to install Luci. =( I would like to stick to non-ubi so it's easier to revert it back to stock.


You can get a customized snapshot from this website:

PD: There's no need to compile locally, just add the required packages.

Nice. I'll take a look. Thanks! =)

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I also have a Belkin RT3200 but I used the UBI installer, the unit is running great so far.

I tried using the default customize which looks like it includes luci but it looks like the snapshot non-ubi flash doesn't want to install. When I go to update from within factory firmware, it looks like it loads and then times out and then reboots into factory firmware. =(

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