Belkin RT3200, locked out of system

Device=Belkin RT3200

WiFi=Disabled by software button (intentional)

Problem=No GUI, only ping command

  1. I can disconnect my computer and WiFi router from the internet and ping it.
  2. I can get an IP address from the Ping Command.
  3. I type that into a browser.
  4. It will automatically reroute to an HTTPS address.
  5. Then it breaks. I never see anything other than "unable to connect". I don't even get a warning about self signed certificates.

SSH: I did not try this yet. I will try it.
Reset: I held the reset button for 10 seconds after powering it on. Nothing seamed to improve.

What do I do?

what was original firmware ?
how did you install openwrt on it (TFTP, recovery page , native via original webpage )?

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Is OpenWrt involved here? If so, what versoin is installed? (what was the exact file name or source that it came from)?

Yes, try this and see if you can get a response.


I followed this guide (

I went to the original Vendor website on the router. I uploaded a signed image from OpenWRT. I booted into this image from OpenWRT to install it. I never touched the command line. I installed this a few months ago.

i never had such device with such UBI stuff , i can only suggest to use USB TTL to console port and see what is in there, but try use Putty to connect via ssh, or just

root@AP2:~# ssh

Host '' is not in the trusted hosts file.
Do you want to continue connecting? (y/n) y
root@'s password:

you likely installed a snapshot, which does not include LuCI (the web interface).

When you are connected to the device via ethernet, are you able to get an IP address on your computer? If so, what is issued (IP, subnet mask, dns, and router/gateway)?

Can you successfully ping
Can you get in via ssh (username root, password is blank) to

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where can i get a snapshot ?

there ?

Yes, that is one place to get snapshots. But I'm guessing you don't ultimately want a snapshot -- you should probably be using a stable release build.

But, returning to the questions I asked above... can you provide answers?


You really need to answer psherman's questions first and stop uploading random stuff to the router, don't break what ain't (necessarily) broken yet by impatience.

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Didn't get it what qwestion though.
But I am starting to think that the qwestion was for SpagettyNetworking