Belkin RT3200/Linksys E8450 WiFi AX discussion

Is it easy to switch from open source to proprietary driver?



Yes I just tried it. You will lose the Wireless overview, Associated Stations and can't do Channel Analysis but otherwise the upload speed on AX on an iPhone 13 Mini is good.

Install all packages and reboot.
LUCI configuration is at Network -> MTK Wifi
ra0 and rai0 interfaces should be bridged with lan interfaces at Network -> Interfaces -> Devices

Network -> Interfaces -> Devices

How the MTK overview looks like:

5GHz settings:

Error while installing l1profile, tried it again after installing the other three with no error just already installed
Executing package manager
Installing l1profile (1-8) to root...
Configuring l1profile.
/etc/rc.common: line 4: iwpriv: not found
/etc/rc.common: line 7: iwpriv: not found
/etc/rc.common: line 8: iwpriv: not found
/etc/rc.common: line 9: iwpriv: not found
/etc/rc.common: line 10: iwpriv: not found
/etc/rc.common: line 13: iwpriv: not found
/etc/rc.common: line 14: iwpriv: not found
/etc/rc.common: line 15: iwpriv: not found
/etc/rc.common: line 17: iwpriv: not found
/etc/rc.common: line 19: iwpriv: not found
chmod: /sbin/mtkwifi: No such file or directory
chmod: /sbin/mtkwifi: No such file or directory

Note you need to setup your wifi settings again eg SSID, password and channel.

So @nbd why is the performance better and does this give scope for performance enhancement in future?

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wireless-tools is needed to use iwpriv.

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I used to watch IPTV just fine on my home network with a rt3200 via igmpproxy on an older snapshot. However, since updating to the 22.03.0 version, it's totally broken:

  1. If I disable igmp snooping, WiFi gets flooded with multicast traffic as expected when someone is watching TV, and slows down to an absolute crawl.
  2. If I enable igmp snooping, multicast traffic is not working at all and I am unable to watch TV.

On a previous snapshot, igmp snooping was working just fine to prevent multicast flooding on WiFi, but multicast worked just fine and I was able to watch IPTV. Is someone experiencing the same issue?

You could try latest 22.03-SNAPSHOT. This commit mention igmp snooping and multicast

As the description already tells you, and the git diff shows, it's merely a rename. It doesn't actually change anything functionality wise.

There are many mt76 patches in MTK SDK. For example, mtk turn off airtime fairness.

Did anybody test if these patches make influence on speed?

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I'm not sure if anyone's posted results with it off, but there has been a fairly lengthy discussion in the AQL thread trying to get a good balance between speed and latency/trying to track down throughput bugs. (Although the user is testing with a mt7621+7615, not mt7622+7915.)

The thread is AQL in general, despite ath10k in the title. :stuck_out_tongue:

One should probably take into account that it looks like mediatek were trying to pass cert, thus they may have just disabled it in order for a test suite to pass/complete. It's nice to see them openly developing on top of mt76 though.


Yes, that's what I've at hand! Not buying new devices to test and patch, but happy for you to send one my way. :wink:

Please, note that ATF can be manually disabled if you want to via sysfs, if anyone want to test.

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Also went back to mt76. A quick bufferbloat test showed +17ms on mtk and +4ms on mt76.


Well so much for the proprietary drivers then! The cake-autorate project has shown me that a trade-off exists between bandwidth and latency. There's no point in offering very high bandwidth if latency is all over the shop. The latter has a huge impact on everything.

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I didn't use a dedicated testing tool to test for latency. But from my own experience of playing games, the stability of proprietary driver on iphone is much higher than mt76.

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If this is important, once you have exceeded 100 Mbps of bandwidth or at most 200, I think that for most people it is not necessary anymore, but the ping is super important.

I have noticed that now ISPs offer high bandwidths, but now the latencies have increased to an average of 40 to 60 milliseconds.

I really don't know what the cause is, but I assume that having many users affects performance.

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The network delay displayed in the iphone game is the same for mtk proprietary driver and mt76 most of the time. But mt76 will often suddenly have high network latency, while proprietary driver does not have this problem. I have no need for bandwidth, but the unstable latency of mt76 makes me temporarily choose the proprietary driver.

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all that is not true, is just a legend, configure mtk the right way
mtk work better on buffer and on speed too.
also on range
also stable
also ax

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Significance of the following?

Sun Sep 11 09:43:35 2022 kern.err kernel: [177156.570058] cpu0: failed to scale up voltage!
Sun Sep 11 09:43:35 2022 kern.err kernel: [177156.574535] cpufreq: __target_index: Failed to change cpu frequency: -110

I have been looking at the install procedure for putting OpenWrt on my Linksys E8450 router. I have been using openwrt for several years, beginning with a WRT54Gv2. When do you use the .bin files vs. the .itb files? I've always used the sysupgrade.bin to upgrade, but I see that there are both present.