Belkin RT3200/Linksys E8450 WiFi AX discussion

for me the problem is wireless 2.4 on rc2 disconnect intermitence

and my pingplotter was bad high ping sometimes

with snapshot i has no problem and he work perfectly

i don't know when out 22.03 official release but i think soon just my mind :slight_smile:


It looks like RC4 is almost here:


I moved my RT3200 (acting as dumb ap) to another location today, linked to my Mikrotik RB5009 over LAN (approx 12m LoS, no idea how much cabling there is in the wall). In any case, it now only connects at 100mbit for some reason. Is there any way to see why it decides on that?

The mikrotik reports that the other side only ever advertises 100mbit.

Edit: probably the cable run is at fault, my thinkpad only connects at 100mbit there as well, directly patching into the same router port is 1gbit.

Edit 2: weirder still, there is a second parallel run (all sockets are dual) that when patched runs at 1gbit. Well, guess I will use that one then :smiley:


Sounds really like cable fault. 100 Mbit/s uses 2 pairs, 1Gbit/s needs all four.


I had the same cable issue with a cable I had installed in the attic many years ago. It appears the outer 2 pairs of wires needed for gigabit ethernet weren't properly punched in with enough force. Repunching fixed he problem. With premade cables that fail at gigabit ether, the issues may be either that or wires that are punched into the wrong connectors.

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Everyone might be aware of this already, but if you want to keep track of changes between Release Candidates:

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Anyone notice 5GHz issues on recent SNAPSHOT versions?

Basically my devices now completely refuse to connect to AX access points provided by the RT3200. The APs don't even show up in the network list. I'm also seeing a number of weird kernel logs:

Mon Jun 13 14:07:38 2022 daemon.err hostapd: nl80211: kernel reports: integer out of range
Mon Jun 13 14:07:38 2022 daemon.err hostapd: nl80211: kernel reports: integer out of range
Mon Jun 13 14:07:44 2022 daemon.err hostapd: nl80211: kernel reports: integer out of range
Mon Jun 13 14:07:44 2022 daemon.err hostapd: nl80211: kernel reports: integer out of range
Mon Jun 13 14:07:50 2022 daemon.err hostapd: nl80211: kernel reports: integer out of range

These logs disappear if I disable the 5GHz APs.

EDIT: Looks like the issue was present on the early 197xx builds. 19411 (latest 22.03-SNAPSHOT), as well as 19787 (latest SNAPSHOT on chef.libremesh) both work after some fixes were applied to the wireless config (BSS settings needed removing).

I seem to have 2 problems at the moment on my 2 RT3200 APs with rc4:

  1. 5GHz not even visible in available networks sometimes.
  2. connectivity issues, especially with iPhones/iPads, as described here: Belkin RT3200: iPhone 11 frequently loses connectivity - Installing and Using OpenWrt - OpenWrt Forum.

The WAF is pretty low at the moment; wondering why we can't have normal stuff in the house like everyone else.

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+1 concerning iPhone issues. This is raised in multiple threads for this device and is clearly an area needing some further attention.

I have been struggling with the WAF on this aspect too. What happens for us is that iPhone shows still connected to WiFi but we lose connectivity until WiFi is manually disconnected and reconnected on phone.

Have you tried the latest master snapshot? @_FailSafe indicated in another thread that the issues may not be present with this. Also I was running an older 22.03 snapshot that worked very well with no issues for some time but then an upgrade broke iPhone compatibility again.


This is why you don't go bleeding edge if you need something that works(tm). Issues like this takes a lot of time to track down.


If it is any consolation or data point for the discussion, I'm running my Linksys E8450 as an AP running my own master build pulled from early last week. My E8450 has 3 iOS devices and a Dell notebook connected to it most of the times. I do not really notice any issue from the iOS devices or the notebook.

My build contains a patch I did to revamp the way VLAN is configured for the mt7531 switch.

The build I'm running for my E8450 also includes the patch to revamp the way the new airtime scheduler computes airtime weighted sums that is supposed to improve WiFi latency response. So I guess this is the change that will likely improve WiFi.


But that's the point it seems from this Apple iPhone issue perspective the present master may be offering something better than the 22.03rc versions / snapshots?

Having tried various master snapshots and then 22.03 snapshots the WiFi issues come and go. Mesh used to work for a while then it didn't. iPhone problems come and go.

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I consider rc4 not as bleeding edge.

Additional information: I have 2 RT3200 AP's, firewall/routing is done by a Protectli device with OPNsense. If I interpret the issues correctly they are mainly concerned with multiple RT3200/E8450's and improper hand-over between them.


Is it downloadable somewhere for persons who don't feel comfortable enough to build their own builds?

No I haven't. I might give it a try tomorrow when I might have time for it.

I also have issues with iPhone 13 and Redmi AX6S (similar to the devices in this thread - thanks @jkdf2 for directing me here).

I’ve found that AX performs worse than AC specially with iPhone but with other devices as well (see here). For now I disabled AX (using only AC) and everything works great.

I understand that AX in OpenWrt is still under development and not mature yet (even if it’s supported in the 22.03 stable channel).

I’ve noticed that the master snapshot releases had the mt76 drivers updated. I may try it when I have some free time to check if AX performance has improved.

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For those using FT there is some benefit in setting reassociation deadline to 20000 as recommended by Cisco.


Would you mind sharing a link to this patch? Or is it already in snapshot?

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I noticed huge latency variation when running a ping from my main router to WiFi clients. So this does seem interesting.