Belkin RT3200/Linksys E8450 WiFi AX discussion

What about searching for the cause of slowdown? If the device is in "hot" it is >87°C and it is okay - or it reads a bad value, eg sensor is not working well.
With "statistics" package i noticed with mtk7622 there are 2 temp sensors in thermal area, but only the 2nd "thermal_zone0" generates a graph. I dont know there is only 1 or the 2nd is broken/bad configured

cat   /sys/class/thermal/cooling_device0/...

cat      /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/...

The 2nd device in statistics plugin is "cooling_device0" , which has no temperature.
This should be filtered out here: but seems not to work as expected

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Well unfortunately having the 2.4GHz radio on seems to break the 5GHz one again every few days.
I can only get the 5GHz radio to act stable if 2.4GHz is off and 5GHz radio is set to WPA3-SAE only

Flashed Release v0.6.5 using sysupgrade file - will keep configuration as is to see if this issue affects the rc.

hi test this if you want a new version for our router keep me informed all

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I build from git with my first kernel 5.15 , including fw3, no nft - seems most is still working.
Except "ip-statistics" of collecd/statistics, its now just empty or not updated. As it was a way useless before, i just disabled it now

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hello fda you are building from linux make menuconfig

or from aparcar see cheflibremesh?

what are your packages installed opkg list please? I'm very interested thank you :wink:
ah sorry idon't see I build from git with my first kernel 5.15 , including fw3,

To all owners of Belkin RT3200/Linksys E8450. Attention to @quarky who confirmed the behaviour and results and @Ansuel.
I own Netgear R7800 and I've reported a bug here
R7800 poor download rate when client is connected at 100Mbps.
The exact steps to reproduce the bug are here.
Netgear R7800 exploration (IPQ8065, QCA9984) - #3187 by sppmaster

Today I've benchmarked a Belkin RT3200 with the same tests with a 100Mbps client connected to the LAN switch port of RT3200. It still runs factory firmware. I can hardly reach 200Mbps down and 20Mbps upload speeds.
I can only say that I see the same decrease in the WAN throughput. The same issue is present as with R7800. So probably the bug is not connected to the specific hardware as both are based on different SoC.
Probably the reason is the same regarding this issue too
Is it clear what exactly cause this erratic behaviour.

In the original firmware they do some magic with debug values for 100mbps but they are limited to other switch. We should experiment with these values but it's definitely a problem of clk configuration with 100mbps

Do you have any theory how the clk configuration will cause such a drastic performance degradation? It's weird that while the switch can do full 100mbps thruput between LAN ports, but then cause performance degradation when simultaneously routing WAN-LAN traffic. And it is only on the upload direction, i.e. from LAN port to WAN port.

I would imagine if it is clk, it would affect thruput in all direction, and it would also affect the 100mbps clients connected to the LAN ports.

With 100mbps a debug values is set and probably the entire switch is set to 100mbps due to a hardware limitation...

To be clear I repeat that this results are with Belkin stock firmware 1.01.
I'm on my way to install OpenWRT and then I'll report the new results.
R7800 with Netgear stock firmware suffers from the same WAN/LAN throughput issue with the only difference that the performance degradation is more biased towards LAN speed degradation rather than WAN.

Hmm ... ok.

In one of the test I performed, using openwrt-21.02 with NSS offload, I'm able to get one 1Gbps and one 100Mbps client doing iperf3 transfers at full 95Mbps speed will doing full speed download and upload on the 1Gbps client via WAN, minus the 95Mbps when doing WAN download. This is when the 1Gbps is downloading iperf3 traffic from the 100Mbps.

The issue seem to manifest itself when the 100Mbps is downloading from the 1Gbps via iperf3. This is when the 1Gbps client has it's download speed affected from WAN, IIRC.

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Thank you for the link! If I'm reading it correctly, then RC2 which was just released would have it?

That is correct!

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Flashing this now.
rc1 was having the same issue I described while on snapshot

Well unfortunately having the 2.4GHz radio on seems to break the 5GHz one again every few days.
I can only get the 5GHz radio to act stable if 2.4GHz is off and 5GHz radio is set to WPA3-SAE only

I'll report back if I have issues with rc2

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thank you for the return I also flashed rc2 but the problem does not appear with me only with my brother which I find strange

Just to make sure (I'm noob)

I can flash via luci upgrade :
!edit: wrong image! don't flash this if you are reading, grab the e8450 one
!wrong image!

Image check failed:
Tue May 24 11:40:41 MST 2022 upgrade: Device linksys,e8450-ubi not supported by this image Tue May 24 11:40:41 MST 2022 upgrade: Supported devices: mediatek,mt7622-rfb1-ubi Invalid image type. Image check failed.

The uploaded image file does not contain a supported format. Make sure that you choose the generic image format for your platform.

I assume this is expected since its not listed in the rc at the moment, force flashing should be fine?

yes you can flash

I just uncheck keep settings

you click at the bottom force upgrade where it is red and the flash will start after flashing the router will be in


the good files is here


Oops lol I used the bin, it booted me to recovery. Will do the same with the itb

Somehow I missed that e8450 was in the list, my bad. Doing the correct file now.

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a lot of people are wrong

mt7622rfb1 is wrong

the exact files is the file the write E8450ubi ....


Seems I'm stuck in a recovery loop even if I flash the old working


I assume there's a crashlog or something keeping me in recovery from the wrong flash... checking now

yep, /sys/fs/pstore had a oops file

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