Belkin RT3200 bricked and no serial connection available

Hello guys,

my RT3200 got bricked the other day when trying to get UART working. At times I could get some output from the serial, however it seemed as if bad connectivity with the headers was sort of passing a "enter" signal in loop, and that apparently bricked the router.

It is now in some sort of recovery state where I get a ip via ethernet but I cannot ssh into it as I I don't know the password. It is certainly not the root password I had before.

The second issue is as result of using this firmware to initially flash OpenWrt. As result of it the partition layout got converted to UBI, and so I cannot longer go back to stock firmware. I thought it wouldn't be a big deal given that I had no intention of using the stock firmware. I basically screwed myself.

Can someone point me to the right connector I need in order to establish a stable serial connection? I have used standard 0.1 inch female dupont wires, but the pin headers for this router are much thinner than 0.1 inch. I can't really tell what the pin size is and where / how to find these microelectronics components in the UK.

Also, it looks as if u-boot should be able to boot / restore openwrt via usb using this guy u-boot firmware (which is the one that comes with UBI, so I have it). Does anyone know if the latter can be done headlessly without input required and thus without the need of a serial connection?


I solved the issue by buying a new USB UART adapter alongside with these My old UART adapter was flapping according to the kernel logs.


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