Belkin RT3200 $49 and $39 (rfrb) at US Walmart

$49 -
$39 - (refurb)

the new ones were discounted by an additional $10 in store, at some locations even sold for as low as $25.

same price for new units, directly from Vipoutlet -

also available through vipoutlets ebay strore

EDIT: back in stock at vipoulet.


For some reason, I'm compelled to check the RT3200's price every day at Walmart. The new-item price was ~$70 since January, dipped to $55 in late Feb, then dropped to ~$50 on about March 1st, then back up into the $60-67 range for a couple days around the 10th-12th, and have been back down to < $50 since then. I assume this is the new normal, with the usual twitches every now and then.

Pricewise yes, it's an EOLed product I think, doesn't even come up at anymore.