Belkin RT 3200 Stable Install How?

Okay I am very glad that the Belkin RT3200 now appears to be on stable release 22.03.00!

Since all of the instructions are very out of date and refer to snapshots and UBI memory modifications, I would like to please know:

How do we install OpenWRT 22.03.00 onto a new un touched device without bricking it ?

Please let me know, help much appreciated.

Just follow the instructions here:
It worked perfectly for my Linksys E8450, which is practically the same as the Belkin RT3200.

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Which ones exactly?

Was that UBI thing and all the extra steps not only for the snapshot version, it is not on stable release.

How can the stable version be installed ?

Exactly the same way.


No, it's for the latest stable version, which is 22.03.0. Just ignore the "Upgrading to the latest OpenWrt snapshot" part.

Like I said the instructions are unclear and jumbled.

I would really like to use openwrt, but have no clue how to install without bricking my device. Was planning on swapping from Pfsense, but this is much more complicated.

Anyone installed or know how to install openwrt on this device without killing it, if so please kindly let me know.


What in particular do you want clarified?

Specifically, how to install stable version onto a Belkin RT 3200 without turning it into a brick.

you're not answering the question.

I also want to install the stable version
I can only select SNAPSHOT - r21032 under Attended Sysupgrade.
actual I have SNAPSHOT - r20954
Can you help please

Run auc -B 22.03.2 -b 22.03.2 This should switch over to the release version.

thanks for your help

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