Belkin f9k1115v2 snapshot missing

As title states, snapshot builds for this model seem to be missing from the firmware repository for at least the last few days, just got this unit.

Seems to have move from generic to tiny
Firmware OpenWrt snapshot Install URL:
Firmware OpenWrt snapshot Upgrade URL:

I saw the tiny snapshot release but it's build date is older than the latest stable 18.06.1, which is a generic build, which seems strange.

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Builds for tiny subtarget are failing since quite some time:
Something about
os-image partition too big (more than 1376256 bytes): Success

Thx for the info.

Let's see if a dev can look into this and get builds rolling again.


Tiny snapshot builds are failing to compile for a while now, could you please take a look.

I've setup a build enviroment to try and compile a build for my Belkin F9K1115v2 based on latest code, it builds without errors, just stock config without any additional packages.

The problem that I see now is that the sysupgrade.bin seems too big for the 16MB flash that the F9K1115v2 has?

openwrt-ar71xx-tiny-f9k1115v2-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin 16,1 MB (16.067.557 bytes)

Thought I read that if the output exceeds specified size it would automatically fail at build time?

1.3 MB sounds more like the kernel partition (kernel 4.14 is around 1.45 MB for many mips targets), than the rootfs - maybe these limits can be relaxed or use a dynamic split between kernel and rootfs, but this needs investigating by someone who owns the devices, tests it and submits a patch for OpenWrt.

Unfortunately I don't have enough knowledge to do much but I can test and I have serial access to the router.

Edit: Ok, just too let you know the self-compiled build seemed at first too big but it flashed just fine and is running great atm.

I thought the f9k1115v2 had been moved way back to the tiny target, according to the commits, and as no snapshots are being built I have tiny target compiles from master branch working fine.

Recent 18.06.2 stable release has a generic build and not tiny which seems strange as I haven't see any code reverts for this.

How could I submit a bug or get a dev to take a look?

Warning: /builder/ar71xx_tiny/build/build_dir/target-mips_24kc_musl/linux-ar71xx_tiny/tmp/vmlinux-f9k1115v2.uImage is too big (> 1441792 bytes)

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Thx tmomas,

I compiled a build this morning and it didn't fail and also loaded/runs fine.

Any idea why latest stable is a generic build and not tiny?

edit: My builds are just standard ar71xx_tiny target with uci package added, not sure why buildbot's builds fail.

For OpenWrt 18.06 series, it seems that the commit to move that device to tiny subtarget is not merged.
I think that it is based on the policy not to make a big change in the stable branch.

History for target/linux/ar71xx/tiny/config-default - openwrt/openwrt

And, this commit is merged into master branch on 2018/07/16, but openwrt-18.06 is already branched on 2018/05/15 from master.

EDIT: On this model, Kernel seems to be behind Rootfs. So, "Dynamic partitioning" as @slh said can not be used, and the size of the Kernel is limited.

It is possible to change the structure of the mtd partition to use "Dynamic paritioning", but in that case you may not be able to boot up unless you change the U-Boot environment variable at the same time.

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Thanks for the information.

I've seen a few users looking into the possibility of changing Openwrt's mtdlayout to expand the kernel partition for this model as it differs from stock.

Hopefully somebody with more knowhow can solve this.