Belkin E8459 "need to re-run the UBI installer", maybe?

Goal: Stabilize my Belkin E8450 AP running 23.05.2.

I understand just very few basic networking concepts, mostly following instructions. I can access and edit config files.

Home network: Linksys WRT3200ACM router behind a Moto DOCSIS cable modem, and 4 Belkin E8450 APs. Everything is wired in a daisy chain fashion. All running OpenWRT 23.05.2 with three VLANs.

System runs fine, except for one of the Belkin APs acting up: every few days it reverts, on its own, from 23.05.2 to 22.03 SNAPSHOT; and so, some of the clients on the network become disconnected.. I'm guessing 22.03 is what was used to convert to UBI at the very first install.

The Belkin (located at the end of the daisy chain) goes back to 23.05.2 just by connecting it to any of the other devices... and functions as expected. But, days later it again reverts to 22.03.

Power on/off does not help; the Belkin only wants to be connected to any of the other devices, regardless of their location in the daisy chain.

Reinstalling OpenWRT does not solve the issue either.

Latest, I attempted to reformat UBI layout again... who knows... maybe !!

Wiki page indicates that "Users already running OpenWrt 23.05.x or older, or snapshots before [2024-02-15] also need to re-run the installer... ".

I downloaded the latest installers (both signed and unsigned), but they don't seem to play nice with my Belkin, already running OpenWRT. Not sure how to "re-run the installer".

Hope the community can help.