Belkin AX3200?

Is the Belkin AX3200 the same as RT3200?

Will I be able to use the openwrt version image for the RT3200 on an AX3200


URL of the "ax3200" page sais rt3200, I'd say it's the same device.

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yes frollic has right

if you live at us the device may call linksys E8450

in europe ax3200 belkin thanks

Thanks. I'm in UK. Looks like this is being discontinued or something so it's being reduced in a couple of places. Bagged an AX3200 for £50

Good price, in UK, and EU, if you don't mind the tolls and fees.

seriously ?? where are you buy ?? in market because in france for amazon 150 euros :frowning: ahah

I just compared a couple of amazon stores.

I guess we'll see for sure what's going on there in a couple of weeks but given the availability of this device over the past couple of months (basically out of stock from may to june and suddenly reemmerged a week ago) my bet would be either an input error or an issue with the supply chain that requires immediate freeing of storage space.

I just clicked two of those £49.98 ones, delivery is expeted a week from now. I can compare them with the two RT3200 I bought from german amazon in february. But as frollic said, I really expect them to be identcal.

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I think the rt3200 was $50 during black Friday last year, so anything in the 50€ range should be possible.

delivery tomorrow


I bought one off ebuyer. Turning up Friday. Didn't know Amazon was also the same price otherwise would've got it from there as it's free delivery

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Looks like Amazon is out of stock anyway now.

The two routers I bought from in Febrary are both "revision b00".

This morning I received two additional boxes form One is "revision a00", the other one is "revision c00".

So are those the same ones I already have? No.
Are they close enough to count as being the correct ones? I'm fairly confident they are.

Where is the revision written? I don't see that on any of mine.

The plastic device itself does not state its revision number.

The revision is only labeled on the green paper box the router is packaged in. Look at the bottom side. There's a white 3 column numbers block. The revision number is right above the left column.

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perhaps it's the revision of the box ? :wink:

That may only be the revision of the design of the box.

Hmm. All my three boxes show 'b00'. Reminds me of pain in the old days associated with ASUS Nforce motherboard revisions. Different revisions had different Nvidia chips on them. Can't remember the significance but it did matter for those.

Could be just packaging design. The A00 TRA numbers look like a sticker over TRA. Whereas the others are printed on the box

Found this pdf. A00 is in the artwork version for the regulatory and warranty info