Behind a switch or no?

I have an older Netgear router, a wndr3700 that I want to use as a WAP.
It had an older version of OpenWrt installed but I could see it when I logged into it.
The wndr is plugged into a Netgear fast switch which is wired to my ATT router.
I did a little exploring of the wndr but it was not connected through the switch to my router. The Wrt has a self test of connecting to an internet site and that's what I tried.
So, does it make a difference as to which side of the switch that the old Netgear is plugged into ?

I think you want your WAP directly connected to the router. Wired PCs can be directly connected to the switch. I haven't tried connecting a WAP to the switch before:

modem <---> router <---> switch <--->  PC1
              ^           ^^^
              |           |||
              |           ||\----- PC2
             WAP          || 

If the switch is unmanaged it doesn't make any difference whether it is connected on the switch or on the router.