Beginners guide to installing OpenWrt on MyBookLive

Is there a guide on how to install OpenWRT on the MyBookLive 3TB single NAS?
I've been trying for the past few days and had no luck. Starting to wonder if I should go back to the WD firmware since it just works and seems way more stable.

With OpenWRT, it seems to break so quickly resulting in a reflash with using dd. This is a huge turnoff for me. I am looking for something that I can rely on and is stable.

What I want to do is have my 2.7TB back (no idea how to do that), have the drive act as a DHCP client and not a server and I want all the services that got removed back on. Twonky/minidlna, samba, nfs, etc.

Lastly, when I login to SSH and type 'poweroff' or 'halt', I want it to shutdown and not reboot.

Could someone please help me?

I wrote up a text copy of the walk through posted on the openwrt page for doing the initial install. I put it in a google doc, so you can go here :

Hope that helps.

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