Beginner - MI Router Model: R4AC SKU:DVB4230GL

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Unable to connect via WAN port(got broken i guess by some electrical surge). Is there a way for us to configure this by Openwrt? TIA


WAN port is never required for configuration.

Thanks @frollic ! can we know the real status of it once OpenWRT is installed ? coz we don't really know if the port is really broken or what ?

LAN works, wifi is disabled, WAN is enabled, but (obviously) blocking incoming traffic.

So i'll try to look for an up to date firmware for this just to try configuring WAN port ? Connected via LAN cable to my PC the problem is connection to the internet. Hoping for further assistance.

what are we talking about here ?

3.0.12 isn't openwrt, that's probably the stock firmware.

if the WAN port's dead, it'll not be able to find a new one, unless you can reconfigure the device to be an AP or wireless client to some other device, or flash it using TFTP.

and why bother, the openwrt instruction starts with a fw downgrade, anyway.

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Thankyou :slight_smile: How about reconfiguring LAN port to become WAN port is this possible with any of the available solution out there? I'm just afraid of Bricking i guess.

with stock fw ? no idea .... ask Xiaomi.

Yes but you need to install openwrt.

Openwrtinvasion will let you flash openwrt