Before getting the Archer A7

Bought a ZTE MF286D without doing enough research, the flashing instructions are a bit over my head.

So I thought I'd just set keep the stock firmware, put the router into bridge mode and hook it up to another router that is drag and drop simple to flash OpenWRT to (reason being I can not find any "simple" to flash OpenWRT supported router with 4g sim slot).

I was considering buying the TP Link Archer A7. This one I should get working from the wireless setting GUI by simply uploading the OpenWRT firmware.

Is there any versions of the Archer A7 that might not work with OpenWRT? Wireless need to work, this is essential. I was thinking of buying from below link and I can not find any information telling me this is not the correct version of the router.

Advice greatly appreciated.

According to only v5 is supported.

Try to find an used archer c2600 instead, they're pretty common, at least in SE.

Thanks for the advice, will see if I can find a c2600 v1.0. I'm interested in anything that can be flashed by uploading the firmware where wifi work and the router has usb output.

That it can't, initial flash needs to be done using tftp.

Wifi works really well, and it got two usb3 ports.