Beamforming in wifi-bridge mode

Assuming I have 2 identical wifi routers supporting beamforming. When putting them in wifi-bridge mode, will the beamforming be used? (so that the range would be extended -> this is my ultimate goal)

To my understanding, the beamforming just works when 2 devices (AP, mobiles...) supporting it.
I am new to this field and it is highly appreciated listening to your advices.

Beamforming depends on the hardware, its firmware and the driver - if all those are given, and assuming not too many clients demand service (rendering beam-forming less- to in-effective), then the 4addr uplink between the two stations could make use of it. Your (wirelessly-)bridged APs won't work in tandem to extend the beamforming over more rf chains though, they're still separate devices with their own 'beams' which they manage according to their own ideas.

Unless you have 6-figure measuring equipment at hand and a a very firm grasp of signal theory, you won't be able to confirm that conclusively though.

Wonderful, thank you so much for the reply.
Could you please advise how we can verify the effectiveness of beamforming, in other words, how can we know that it is running?