Bcp38 and dual wan

Hi, is there any way to use bcp38 with 2 wans? It only autodetect one Interface. Setting it manually (uci/config) only allow you to choose one wan. Trying to load it with 2 Interfaces in the config result in loading the iptables rules for only one interface.


If both WANs have a static IPs, there no need or purpose for configuring BCP38.

This is because your interfaces can only use the IP assigned to them.


Its not the case.

And well i can see the outbound rules only loaded for one interface. Not as a global ruleset if i understand your quote.

Still thank you, i might understand something wrong. So i will take a closer look over the next few days and come back to here. Im happy for any other suggestion.

Or DHCP as well.

As long as your interface doesn't have multiple Public IP available for use - or you don't peer with an ISP using BGP4 for Internet service, BCP38 is not something you'd normally encounter.

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