Bcm63xx as ethernet only router


There is already a topic for bcm63xx based device ADB EA4201N: New device: ADB P.RG EA4201N-G

But I would like to start a new separate one, as I have made a little progress on running the latest OpenWRT on this device. However, I need a bit of help of community

I don' need WLAN, DSL or VoIP, as I know it is not supported. But since the CPU, NAND and ethernet are kind of working, I'm seeking to use this device as a gigabit ethernet router only

I can boot initramfs of a similar 6362 device (netgear,dgnd3700-v2), and LAN seems to work fine. But WAN port remains unpowered. Plugging the cable into WAN has no effect, even the port's led stays off. I already tried to change DTS and 02_network files based on other pull requests with a similar SoC, but that did not help

Can anyone point me how to make WAN port working?

Thanks a lot

I the OEM boot log the only mentioned string is:

WAN Ethernet Interfaces - Power UP!
eth4 up
Powered up