BCM63168VKFEBG nand support

Hello, I'm building openwrt for Sagemcom F@st 5350, this router has NAND and SPI memory. I build openwrt for it based on Sky sr102 dts.
It is working but when I added to dts NAND it's not detecting it. I get following error on serial:

[    0.823054] nand: No NAND device found
[    0.827995] nand: No NAND device found

Here is my dts: https://pastebin.com/yPFNb24G

In modem stock firmware I can get a bit of information about NAND:

Broadcom DSL NAND controller (BrcmNand Controller)
-->brcmnand_scan: CS=0, numchips=1, csi=0         
mtd->oobsize=0, mtd->eccOobSize=0        
Disabling XOR on CS#0    
brcmnand_scan: Calling brcmnand_probe for CS=0
B4: NandSelect=40000001, nandConfig=15142200, chipSelect=0
brcmnand_read_id: CS0: dev_id=eff10095                    
After: NandSelect=40000001, nandConfig=15142200
DevId eff10095 may not be supported.  Will use config info
Spare Area Size = 16B/512B                                
Block size=00020000, erase shift=17
NAND Config: Reg=15142200, chipSize=128 MB, blockSize=128K, erase_shift=11
busWidth=1, pageSize=2048B, page_shift=11, page_mask=000007ff             
timing1 not adjusted: 6574845b                               
timing2 not adjusted: 00001e96
brcmnand_adjust_acccontrol: gAccControl[CS=0]=00000000, ACC=f7ff1010
ECC level changed to 15                                             
OOB size changed to 16 
Found NAND on CS0: ACC=f7ff1010, cfg=15142200, flashId=eff10095, tim1=6574845b, tim2=00001e96
BrcmNAND version = 0x0400 128MB @00000000                                                    
brcmnand_scan: Done brcmnand_probe       
brcmnand_scan: B4 nand_select = 40000001
brcmnand_scan: After nand_select = 40000001
100 CS=0, chip->ctrl->CS[0]=0              
ECC level 15, threshold at 1 bits
reqEccLevel=0, eccLevel=15       
190 eccLevel=15, chip->ecclevel=15, acc=f7ff1010
brcmnand_scan 10                                
200 CS=0, chip->ctrl->CS[0]=0
200 chip->ecclevel=15, acc=f7ff1010
page_shift=11, bbt_erase_shift=17, chip_shift=27, phys_erase_shift=17
brcmnand_scan 220                                                    
Brcm NAND controller version = 4.0 NAND flash size 128MB @18000000
brcmnand_scan 230                                                 
brcmnand_scan 40, mtd->oobsize=64, chip->ecclayout=00000000
brcmnand_scan 42, mtd->oobsize=64, chip->ecclevel=15, isMLC=0, chip->cellinfo=0
ECC layout=brcmnand_oob_bch4_4k                                                
brcmnand_scan:  mtd->oobsize=64
brcmnand_scan: oobavail=50, eccsize=512, writesize=2048
brcmnand_scan, eccsize=512, writesize=2048, eccsteps=4, ecclevel=15, eccbytes=3
300 CS=0, chip->ctrl->CS[0]=0                                                  
500 chip=87a2c590, CS=0, chip->ctrl->CS[0]=0
brcmnand_default_bbt: bbt_td = bbt_main_descr
Bad block table Bbt0 found at page 0000ffc0, version 0x01 for chip on CS0
Bad block table 1tbB found at page 0000ff80, version 0x01 for chip on CS0
brcmnandCET: Status -> Deferred                                          
brcmnand_scan 99               
Creating 5 MTD partitions on "brcmnand.0":
0x000000000000-0x000000020000 : "bcmfs"   
0x000000020000-0x0000000c0000 : "bcmfs_update"
0x0000000c0000-0x000007b00000 : "ubi"         
0x000007b00000-0x000007f00000 : "data"
0x000000000000-0x000000020000 : "nvram"

NAND chip is W29N01HVS.

Does anybody know what I need to change to make it working?

Thanks for help.

search the forum for W29N01HVS, there's a couple of threads mentioning it, perhaps you can draw some conclusions by looking at those devices.

I already seen them, but they are about routers with MediaTek.
Configuration of NAND in dts from this MediaTek routers looks normal.
I'm not sure why it's not working.
Is it problem specific to this router or with broadcom?

Hello. Did you manage to get OpenWRT working on 5350? If yes, could you provide a ready-to-deploy version of it?

I got it to boot openwrt from external SPI memory MX25L12845, there are empty pads for it on bottom of pcb.
Unfortunately I haven't found any way to detect NAND.
Do you have the same router, do you done any testing with it?