Batman MESH - All units read one host file?

I got tired of the question marks at bottom of page for associated stations, and found host entries fix it, how can I make all 18 units go to the router for that info so I dont have to maintain it on 19 pieces of equipment ?

I’ve researched the same exact question diligently and the answer I keep coming to is… you can’t. Each device must have its own batman host file. Your best bet is to make one host file and then copy it across your other nodes using a program like WinSCP.

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store one centrally, generated from the DHCP,, have a cron job on each node to pull them on a regular basis ?

yep thats what i do now, I was looking at the luci entry Additional hosts files and thought something network pointer related might be able to be used there to point to the router, oh well. In my case this is not an ever changing thing so no big deal. thanks