Batman doesn't reliably add originators

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Using a custom image built from trunk, I've been noticing that batman - seemingly at random - adds and forgets originators on the Cudy WR2100 (mt7621).

I've got two routers connected via ethernet next to each other (for testing).
One shows this:

[root@997 ~] $ batctl o
[B.A.T.M.A.N. adv 2022.0-openwrt-2, MainIF/MAC: mesh24_0/b4:4b:d6:26:ae:0c (bat0/62:ae:56:15:62:a1 BATMAN_IV)]
   Originator        last-seen (#/255) Nexthop           [outgoingIF]

The other one this:

[root@999 ~] $ batctl o
[B.A.T.M.A.N. adv 2022.0-openwrt-2, MainIF/MAC: mesh24_0/b4:4b:d6:26:ae:08 (bat0/26:40:e1:9d:90:e6 BATMAN_IV)]
   Originator        last-seen (#/255) Nexthop           [outgoingIF]
 * b4:4b:d6:26:ae:0c    2.510s   ( 19) b4:4b:d6:26:ae:0c [  mesh24_0]

Both routers can ping each other using their link-local addresses through the IBSS network.

I've created pcaps for BATMAN traffic on both routers (!(batadv.batman.packet_type == 1 || batadv.batman.packet_type == 66)).
The OGM frames from 999 don't appear in the pcap from 997 but the TVLV frames do.
I'll DM them if there's interest (can't attach them here).

I'm puzzled...
Could this be a mt76 issue?
What can I add to create a meaningful bug report?