Batman between mediatek and atheros routers... Possible?

Exactly what the title says. I was wondering if there's a guide out there to achieve this, is it even feasible? I followed this guide and tried it out with an Asus RT-achr13 (AC58U cousin) and an archer C6v2 and made them gateway and bridge respectively but the latter couldn't ping the former with batctl p XXXX. Now that my Archer C6v3 (mediatek 7621) is working again, kudos to the developers!!! I wanted to try making my batman mesh with 3 nodes. I currently have a mesh between the asus and the tp-link v2 and a relayd with the tp-link v3 (bssid with tp-link v2) and it's working nicely. I'd love to tinker with my routers and make the best use of them all.

Hopefully you can help me with this. Thanks is advance.