Batman-adv with two Gateways and one DHCP server

Hi to all of you

I do have a setup with 3 openwrt wifi devices where 2 of them are routers to the internet in a working mesh network. My issue is regarding general connection to the routers and the internet.
When I am near 2 of the three routers everything works fine but the 3rd one (one of the internet gateways) I am not even able to get an ip address.

What I am thinking is:
The working part of that little network has the dhcp server running. But both of the gateway routers have the batman mode 'server' set. Since batman is layer 2 oriented and dose not care about ip that much, could it be that badman is preventing me from getting an ip address by trying to route to the nearest gateway and not considering DHCP server somewhere else?

If so... what would be your suggestion? Is there any way to have 2 batman-adv servers but one dhcp server (and of cause get ips and internet access regardless of the device connected to)?

additional notes:
I am thinking of batmans routing being the issue because I had 2 dhcp servers on both gateways running before. But I like the change that to a single source of truth - that would enable me to reach services end other devices by there host names and if I like to know that name I only have to look it up in one device

Right now I have two wifi networks. One for my personal lan and one for guests. The respective interfaces are configured to send guest traffic to one of the gateways and the lan traffic to the other (by static ip address of the gateway routers) maybe that is somehow related?

If some one has an ideas to better utilize to wan connection to one mesh network I like to her them. I already read up on mwan3 but that looks rather complex for me now and for the time being I like to have a working setup first.

Kind regards and already lots of thanks for any suggestion you might have.

No one any suggestions?

Try out LibreMesh as it uses layer3 bmx6/7 anygw and a single 10..13.x.x/16 dhcp

I Still have to thank you for providing a new perspective. I Still have to dig a bit deeper into you two suggestions to figure out if one of them would work for me.

Of course since I already gathered some experience with Batman-adv I would prefer continue using that one. I actually like the Implementation as a kernel module and some of its concepts. But the other ones may provide the same benefits.

Again thanks for even suggesting anything.