Batman-adv vs normal AP


After alot of tinkering, i'm coming to the conclusion that the wifi in the attic is still not sufficient for one of my devices (surface pro 1) I'm currently have a repeater (ex6120) in the attic to resolve this issue, however I want to make a more structural change.

I have 2 options at the moment that I want to consider

  1. I can use the repeater as an extra wired AP
  2. I can install openwrt on the repeater and have the setup exactly as in option 1. Difference is that i will be using Batman-ADV to make sure that the handover between the two AP's is done seamless.

My question, does option 2 make any sense? In the future i might add more wired AP's, but for the next year that is not something I am considering yet. Will Batman-ADV have any advantages over just a simple extra AP?

Furthermore, the repeater has a 100mbit ethernet port (don't ask me why, i regret buying this device, but alas i have it now). Wireless is however not restricted ( i think theoretical limit of 1300 mbits). Does it make sense to connect the repeater wirelessly to the main router (say via 2.4 ghz) and use it as a 5ghz AP to bypass the wired ethernet limitations? or would i still be better of with a 100mbit hardline?

pair of PLC adapters + any AP

I'm not sure that is an answer to my question. I'm fine running a line up to the attic. My 2 questions are specifically

  1. Does Batman-ADV have any advantages over a vanilla AP given that in both cases the device will be hardwired
  2. Does it make sense to use a wireless connection on one band and broadcast on the other band given that the AP has an ethernet limit of 100mbit but the wireless connection does not.

OK, if you can run a cable I would go that way.
Generally speaking, mesh system should not bring any benefit in this particular situation.
For testing purposes I would try to connect the repeater wirelessly to the main router via 5 GHz (assuming the signal is strong enough) and use it as a 2.4 GHz AP to bypass the wired ethernet limitations. There is still no need for the mesh, regular client connection should be enough for testing.

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Clear on question 2.

On question one I'm still unclear. Given that I will run a wire anyway. Is a normal AP or a Batman-adv enabled AP the better way to go? I'm mainly concerned about client handover between AP's

Using mesh will not improve client handover, you can play with 802.11r for that.

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