BATMAN ADV mesh - new client crashes network

hi altogether,

some weegs ago I asked for some advice for configuring a mesh network based on BATMAN ADV and tplink archer c7 AP. (see BATADV (mesh) the best decision?)

the mesh network works perfect, I have three AP up and running. Now I have another very strange problem. I have another two TPLink AP and I wanted to add them to the mesh network. Unforunately it does not work.

I have installed the AP exactly the same way as before but everytime when I start one of the new TPLink my whole network crashes (even the wired stuff doesn't work anymore). At the beginning I thought it is a hardware problem so I tried the second new AP - same result. Although I have to say, yesterday afternoon I had some time where everything worked perfectly. I want out for a walk, when I got back, everything was down, no DHCP was reachable and even when I tried with static IP no device (wired or wireless) was reachable from nowhere.

The only solution - switch off the new AP, reboot the whole system (VMWare) and everything works again.

Does anybody have any clue what the cause for this could be? I suppose it has to do something with DHCP or routing - interestingly the fourth AP was only visible to two other AP... the third one (the farest away) didn't show up the AP at all (routing thing?)

thanks in advance! :slight_smile: