Batman-adv - Highly Mobile Scenario and Multi-Link

Hello guys,

I'm working on a project where I want to build a wifi mesh network for highly mobile robotic platforms (e.g. a group of 3 autonomous surface vessels connected to a shore station for remote teleoperation). I found batman-adv V is a suitable routing protocol for this task.
In addition to my question at, I have the following questions:
1.) Are there any recommendations for parameter values in such a highly mobile scenario?
I already did some research found the paper "Performance evaluation and optimization of BATMAN V routing for aerial and ground-based mobile ad-hoc networks."
2.) I want to do some experiments with batman-adv's multi-link feature ( Does anybody have experience in using it in combination with OpenWrt?

Best regards and thank you in advance for any comment!


You could look into running 802.11r (creating a mobility domain) for mobility using "FT over air"

I also tried the "multi-link feature" feature but resulted in very bad performance.

If your device has 2 radios, use the 1 for Mesh and the other for AP, when using MESH and AP performance dropped to less than half (at least for the devices I have used)

Just compare results using "batctl tp remoteap"

Increase your mesh hardif mtu to 2304 for better mesh performance
if using multi core CPU tweak irqbalance for your WiFi cards and Ethernet network