Batman-adv/802.11s with 2 wired APs + wireless-only AP

Hi community

I had a badman-adv/802.11s mesh working well with:
A) one Ethernet-connected AP
B) one wireless-only AP (connected to the above AP via the mesh)

I then introduced a C) second Ethernet-connected AP into the mesh. I was expecting in this configuration that AP B would use A) and/or C) for backhaul.

However, this killed the LAN which recovered once I disabled mesh on either A) OR C).

I thought it might be some loop situation and checked that badman-adv had loop avoidance enabled. I disabled STP on the bridges on all 3 routers.

I saw logs about the APs receiving their own MAC addresses, I guess this could be related.

Any ideas on whether the above A-B-C configuration is meant to work in the first place, and if so, how to fix.


Use WDS and see if that solves your issues. I never had reliability with 802.11s.