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Trying this:

All looks clear, but BASIC question. Okay, my Openwrt is x86, I can use command line: x86, display, keyboard. Easy. Also Luci is available.

But: How I can transfer "wild" files? Eg. this sample network page, there is two files ( and it second). From webpage it is possible download files: opkg install curl, curl -o And this works.

But: Other files? I try use usb-stick but mounting is not easy. Opgk okay, but is it really only way "you must use empty stick, etc"- look it mounting operation is too complex. "Put usb memory to windows computer, copy files to stick, put stick to openwrt-computer and simply mount it"--- this is not possible.

Any ideas? So only way is transfer file to any webpage and use curl? So if I have usb-memory filled with my-dear-memories and only one, I must forget usb memory then? Or, is it possible mount this memory "as easy as normal linux"?

You can use SCP, or install openssh-sftp and copy with sftp.

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Problem is: When install Openvpn there is openvpn configuration file, this "client.ovpn". This file transfer is problematic. Most clear is forget "what this file is": eg. "I have file foofaa.txt, I want transfer it to openwrt x86. folder /xx/yy".

  • Using usb it is impossible: . So, this make linux-compatible usb-stick. So, I cannot put this stick to my windows computer. ---> also look openwrt cannot read fat32 usb memory. Or can, but it work need about 10 hour work. Not clever.
  • LUCI: on luci there is no any file transfer.
  • scp, etc... no differencte between curl. Still: I must take any cloud or ftp-folder--- where from?
  • Maybe I must use usb-version of the ubuntu, boot this x86 computer with ubuntu and use it...

So: "how to transfer any file to openwrt". Answer is: "No, this is not possible. Only way is use any special rs232-transfer cable, or, if you have x86, boot it to ubuntu and use it. It is really no any way transfer any wild file to Openwrt using other way as this."

exfat-fsck - 1.0.1-1 - Utility for checking/repairing an exFAT File System
exfat-mkfs - 1.0.1-1 - Utility for creating an exFAT File System
kmod-fs-exfat - 4.19.101+2018-04-17-01c30ad5-2 - Kernel module for ExFAT Filesytems
kmod-fs-vfat - 4.19.101-1 - Kernel module for VFAT filesystem support