Basic questions re VPN

I have three actually.

  1. does anyone have experience of running Mullvad on openwrt router, in my case the Linksys WRT3200ACM? If so do you notice a performance hit?
  2. at the moment I run dnscrypt2 with DNS queries encrypted to Cloudfare, would this get in the way and need to be uninstalled?
  3. a requirement would be for some clients to go direct to the web, essentially TV and a tablet used for BBC iplyaer/Netflix etc, as these services block VPNs. I believe I could probably do this is configuring this based on LAN IP in the vpn-policy-routing package.But depending in the earlier answers, would it make more sense to just install the Mullvad VPN client where it is actually needed?
    Thanks for comments!

Adding a VPN will add lag by the very physical nature of it, beyond that it's also a rather CPU heavy task (depending on the chosen VPN protocol more or less). How much of an impact this introduces, depends on the WAN speed, as well as your router's CPU speed and the chosen VPN protocol (OpenVPN is much slower than IPsec or wireguard).

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