Basic guest network


just a quick question about basic "guest" networking. I like to add one guest network, I've seen some tutorials btw I was wondering why I cant just do the following:

  1. Network -> Wireless -> ADD Network
  2. Configure wifi, check "isolate clients" and, under general setup, have LAN as network
    Why the tutorials always go in a more complicated direction? Is in some way wrong what I described?
    Thanks and sorry for the probably dumb question

Easy. What you described doesn't create/configute a guest network. Your descriptions simply setup and placed a WiFi on the existing LAN.

It only says "Add" as I recall.

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Ok you mean the "traffic" is still going through "lan" so it's not a "separated" network if I understand well. Btw with this config i'm able to make "guests" to connect via wifi with a different password than my main network and, even if they are on main "lan" network they will be isolated each other, is this correct?

Yes, but this is not a guest network. The purpose of a guest network is to isolate guests from all other networks to prevent guests and their devices from accessing the other networks.