After looking for information relating to the network system in OpenWrt, I found the following two relevant pages:

The page from the old wiki is far more comprehensive than the page on the newer wiki.
Has all of the information from the old page been migrated to the new wiki or is doing so still a work in progress?

The information from uci/network has been split into separate articles each having a title relevant to what it is about.
they are in this list (among other networking articles).

There is a cheatsheet with UCI options for networking here

basic-networking is just about... basic networking.

First of all, thanks for the link @bobafetthotmail
That pretty much explains it.

What is interesting to me though is that a link to that page does not appear on the page:
(as far as I can see.)

And a link to really needs to be added to so that it's clear what the natural progression to more detailed information is IMO.

My next question is: add them?

Yeah, apparently the /etc/config/network link points to basic networking, which is not really right. Changed it to send the user to the cheatsheet, as that's more like what people would expect from that link.

The cheatsheet is not really "more detailed information" as it is only a table of settings and a config example with no explanation of what each thing is about and for, so I'd not link to that from there.

It is a cheatsheet, a reminder for people that already more or less know what they are looking for.

I'm not in total agreement because it looks like information and not data to me but that is of course, relative and subjective (in terms of relativity.)

Thanks for all the help!

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