Base Packages Included with OpenWrt?

What packages by default are included with the complied firmware you find for download? Is this a list somewhere that shows all installed packages in the firmware by default?

I ask because I am building my own image using the openwrt build system, and want to know what packages I would need to select to make a image similar. For example, Luci is installed by default in the compiled firmware you find for download on, but Luci by default is not marked to be installed in a fresh build system.

target.manifest, all the requisite bits should be enabled by default upon first slecting your target with an empty .config.

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Perfect this is what I was looking for. One more question, how does wireless work on most of these, as I don't see hostapd or wpad listed in the mainfest? For example, not listed here:

Thanks @colton.conor for giving the path to where the .manifest files are. Very helpful. :slight_smile:
Anybody else want to see these manifests as part of the wiki? The package tables in the wiki show
every possible package, but no default install list (aka. manifest).

The list of included packages varies by target and router.
You would have almost as many entries in wiki as there are routers.

@hnyman My thoughts are that the manifests already exist from the build system, and
adding a link to that file for each device (which already have wiki tech pages for them) would be
of little added resource, but useful information.

Maybe not as part of the wiki. But it would be nice to know (maybe using opkg) which packages were installed as part of the default set for the device. The default manifest for any target and architecture can be downloaded from:$TARGET/$ARCH/openwrt-$TARGET-$ARCH.manifest

But, what about the device specific packages?