BARRIER BREAKER (Barrier Breaker, r48549) MikroTik RouterBOARD 750 hEX

Good morning, first of all, I've been reading a lot of information about this project for months before starting a topic.

As it happens to all beginners, with new projects, I can not configure 2 wan interfaces on a MikroTik RouterBOARD 750 hEX lite router.

Install the Multiwan package and it did not work, then the mwan3 and follow all the steps and nothing.

Someone who has done it with this model without any inconvenience?

Thank you

Why do you even consider to use the really really ancient Barrier Breaker version?
You should use 18.06.1


...even more so for devices that have only been released by their vendor well over a year after that ancient/ insecure OpenWrt version.

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I tell you a little, I am new to a company where they use this software on a mikrotik router to provide a service to third parties.

It happens that, it is necessary to use multiwan to have redundancy of internet links and I am the task of making this configuration.

I understand that the version is very old, the issue is that it was compiled at the time by a developer which no longer supports.

The point is, is there a way to update the version without affecting the services that are currently running on the router?

Thanks for your quick response.

Depends on the services which are running. Make a backup of the current config, look for a build from that developer in case things go south, compile a new 18.06 build, reconfigure by hand (sounds like a lot of work but if you have the backup it should be quite quick) and profit.
Already stated above but make sure you have a way to a working state if the above fails.

It only executes a php service, and a development in C for the reading of access control events.

Can I backup this, reinstall openwrt with stable version and then restore the backup?

Obviously I have a router for tests so I can break things haha.