Bare Boards to Refit Good Outdoor Enclosures

Hi all, I have just had a failure of one of a pair of Seneo EOC 8610+ which were being used for an external 5GHz bridge which had been in use for many years.
The cases are excellent with good mounting, internal and external aerials, plenty of space inside and very well waterproofed.
I recall seeing wifi bare boards being sold a while ago and it might be worth my refitting the cases with new parts, obviously with LEDE firmware installed.
Please could somebody advise which boards would be suitable and where I might be able to source?

Routerboards are quite versatile, not sure if they are a fit for your application though since they are more prosumer than pro. They have a reseller list on their website i believe.

Hi and very many thanks for the suggestion. Looks like Routerboards have several options which might suit.
I am in UK so will need to check sourcing but at least I have a good idea what to look for.
Many thanks again.

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I've been considering an Espressobin for a similar project. Getting one doesn't seem to be easy though...

They don't come with LEDE installed from the factory but they are not hard to get working at all, I believe most of them already have an firmware.bin for them available but you can crossreference them with this table to be sure:[Brand*~]=MikroTik