banIP support thread

That is not sensible, the underlying software stack is too different (it depends on fw4, rpcd, uci, procd and the other special parts of the OpenWrt ecosystem). While it should be possible to use the same concepts on any modern linux distribution, but the actual implementation (the whole glue code, the config parsing, the integration into the host networking daemons and firewall services) would need to be very different (it would already need to differ significantly for Fedora/ RedHat, Debian/ Ubuntu and OpenSuSE to be viable).


As i understand doing this, will allow IP pools from those countries, and ticking that on bottom "only list allowed" confirms that.
Then im ending with ```ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED```` on 90 precent of pages on my VPN client, so whats wrong?

What did you try to achieve? Why did you activate the "allowlist only" option? Anyway, your config please...