Bandwidth Problem

Hello, I bought a Linksys EA6350 V3, I installed the latest version of OpenWRT, I can establish a connection, both as an access point or if I configure the router in normal mode, the problem is that I have a connection of 100mbp s symmetrical, but with the Linksys with OpenWRT only raises 25/30 mbps, any solution for this? I already tried with another router, an Asus RT-1200AC and this one does show results of 95 mbps, I am using the ONT of the Provider with WLAN turned off, the only device connected by LAN is the Linksys router, if I turn on the WIFI on the ONT and perform a test of speed and shows more than 25 mbps, if the connection is by LAN, it shows 95. NOTE: Devices connected by LAN/WLAN to the Linksys Router show the same 25mbps