Bandwidth Monitor PPPoE address has lots of data attributed to it

Hi All,

I've installed a bandwidth monitor luci-app-nlbwmon on my router.
One thing I've noticed is that I have quite a lot of traffic attributed to my router's pppoe address.
Is this normal?


Well, since PPPoE is how your router connects to the outside world, all your internet traffic goes through that "pppoe-wan" interface. It is bound to show "a lot of traffic". Naturally I can't judge how much traffic is "normal" for you.

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I guess I should maybe be a bit more clear.
Let me give you an example of the data right now from these PPPoE addresses attached to the wan compared to others.

Server 1= 100 GB Down, 20GB Up
Computer 1 = 20GB Down, 1.5GB Up
Wan/PPPoE related IPs = 12GB Down, 2.5GB up
Rest of IPs= 1GB Down or so, 1 GB Up

I guess i understand that it would have some data going and coming, but it seems low if it's the "opposite" so I'm unsure why it's so low or what it consists of.

Edit: I guess lots is relative as well, i see lots compared to expecting none. But not a lot compared to if it tracks everything and is the "opposite or summary"

had the same issue you should set the interface in nlbwmon to LAN not wan

for some reason, nlbwmon does not work well while monitoring wan interface maybe UPnP or some other reason cause a traffic duplication, or maybe the attributed data to the PPPoE IP is the overhead caused by the protocol itself

Gotcha, interesting. If I set lan though will it also track internal data transfers between?

I'm setting up VLANs soon. I assume I should add those as well?