Bandwidth monitor missing in luci


i seek for help.

my bandwidth monitor went missing in luci. it was there and working.
after some sysupgrade it was gone for to me unknown reason.
syslog shows no related errors that i could identify as related.

i already reinstalled nlbwmon and luci-app-nlbwmon.
/etc/config/nlbwmon also has default values.

any advice what i could check/try to get it working again?

thanks in advance.

could be build related... could be 'config-network-device'/other related@luci code...
edit: see below moved to services menu

mine's gone too... ( ps www = present, logread blank (normal?) @r17073 )

probably best to wait a few weeks to see if similar reports or a fix manifests...

It was moved into the services menu iirc

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got it... thanks again jow

not a single day where i not feel dumb.
thanks for the heads up.

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