Bandwidth experiments with VXLAN or GRE on various devices?

off topic, but has anyone done similar tests with vxlan or gre tunnels? I cant' seem to find anything recent for that, I'd love to know what kind of unencrypted throughput via tunnel can be done. a cherry on top would be transporting full frames transparently through the tunnel with tunnel side fragmentation.

What's the point of doing this?

what, tunneling? CPE on a provider network for instance. like MPLS/VPLS or EVPN like services. Transporting layer2 over an ipv6 underlay to the core of a network, or extending 1500MTU layer2 services over DIA circuits. dozens of use cases.

On x86 server-grade CPUs from around 8 years ago, you can easily surpass 10Gbps, CPU-performance wise, in a IPv6 GRETAP-based tunnel setup. I've done some work on this recently (not on OpenWrt - but using Linux), and can exceed 10Gbps TCP transfer speeds even inside Wireguard with a suitable MTU.

Yeah, but a BPI-R4 is doing 1.1-1.4Gbps on wireguard. The gap in performance for this task is vast.

plus, pushing a full size MTU transparently with the tunnel handling fragmentation is also a huge hit on mikrotik for example.

I don't really want to use a full PC platform to do these things, I guess I should say I'm 100% unwilling to use a PC platform for these things. I'm looking for an appliance to get it done.